What would you fix?


I may have written about this before, but I have been pondering what would need to be fixed in the products I use each day to make me upgrade. It follows this article in which the question was asked concerning upgrades.

My imagination is small and so are my needs which means I am not going to fantasise about sci-fi features, but the simple things that would make a big difference.

Apple Watch

Better battery (2-3 days): just being able to turn off my morning alarm with the watch is a bonus and theatre mode means that it is now possible to wear it in bed.

Always-on screen: nothing fancy, but a simple view of the time at all times in the corner would be handy.

Shape: make it round.


Battery: please can I get through one day without needing to charge it???

Default app: my choice of browser, email client etc

Nothing else for me. I don’t need a bezel less screen, no one does, but that battery is by far the biggest flaw for me.


Just a decent update would work for me. SSD with lots of space and I would be happy.

See, I don’t want much and it’s all feasible. How about you? What would you fix in the devices you currently use?

4 thoughts on “What would you fix?

  1. Apple Watch: Better battery life, always on screen (except in theatre mode of course), ability to run local apps independent of an iPhone. I have no problem with the shape other than I’d like it to be thinner.

    iPhone and iPad: I’m okay with them as they are but being able to designate my own default apps would be nice.

    iMac: I have a fully loaded 27″ Retina iMac with a 1TB SSD. Yes it was expensive but it was my retirement gift to myself. But I’d love to be able to upgrade the graphics card every few years. Otherwise I’m happy with it.

  2. On my phone the GPS sometimes gets lost using Ulysse Speedometer Pro in the car which is a bit of a pain, since I have to turn it off and on again to make it work. Other than that, it works pretty well for a phone.

    The Yoga Book however, is a first generation product, and hence has more niggles. The main one for me is the trackpad. Apart from being tiny, it doesn’t really work too well as such. When moving the cursor it sometimes decides you’ve done a press and hold, and it starts highlighting things or moving a page around. It’s less hassle just using your finger or attaching an external mouse.
    The other thing is the spacebar. I’ve got pretty good at typing on the “Halo” keyboard, but I just keep hitting the “n” key instead of the spacebar for some reason… even though the “n” key is way smaller! I wouldn’t mind a bigger spacebar, like the delete key.
    The screen sometimes requires several taps to respond… but that could also be because I’m a delicate tapper, and I should get used to using slightly more force maybe.
    When you want to use the pen, you tap a “pencil” key, and automatically the note taking app pops up in miniature, which isn’t that useful to me, and I prefer using another app for it, but as far as I can tell there’s no way to switch it off. So it pops up in the bottom right corner, you have to hit the cross to get it out of the way and carry on.

    My work laptop… well… it does pretty well considering its age. But it usually quicker just to plug in my Yoga Book with a bluetooth keyboard to the screen on my desk. I boot it up long term tasks I can’t comfortably do on the Yoga.

  3. By all means have an option to show the time permanently on the Watch, but it would really put me off if it was non-optional…

    I can’t think of much I want hardware-wise. I mean, I’d never complain about more RAM, or better battery life, or a better camera, but they are not particularly revolutionary things to want. Most of what I want is software, and nothing particularly special there either:
    – PGP support for Mail in iOS
    – the ability to enter a FileVault passphrase over ssh
    – “iCloud in a Box” for OS X Server, as a self-hosted replacement for iCloud
    – fix some IPv6 VPN bugs

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