The Galaxy S8

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It is inevitable that I am never going to be too excited by any new Android phone because the chances of me moving to the platform at the moment are very remote.

For a number of reasons, mainly how much of my time and money has already been invested in the platform, it would take some truly special to make me jump.

The Galaxy S8 is not special enough and arguably not special at all.

Bixby is nice enough on the face of it, but there are many apps that do similar things already and the track record of Samsung when it comes to keeping services running long-term is patchy at best. When I saw it demoed, all I saw was a collection of third party app integrated into a new phone.

I love the screen and the minimalist bezels. It will no doubt be a joy to use and play with initially, but when I speak to S7 users they all say that there are no real-world advantages to the lack of side bezels.

This is an evolution and more of one than the iPhone 7 because the form is new, and genuine efforts have been made to do something different. It is a contender to the iPhone 7, and likely the 8 (or iPhone X), but it does show that we should no longer expect massive changes that make us squeal.

The bar has been passed already and form changes will dominate what happens over the next 12 months, and who knows what will follow?

I cannot help thinking that phones will evolve slowly and the time between upgrades will grow significantly. Tablets are evolving slowly and so are computers. Perhaps the tech gold rush is over now that all of these products are so familiar to us?

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