Hitting The Deck

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After a long, successful run, The Deck’s time has come and we’re shutting it down. We’re sorry to see the network go, but we’re proud to have supported so many independent voices, and the open web, along the way.

Thanks a million to the sites and services that were a part of The Deck over the years. Without exception, every affiliate deal was made with a simple agreement to participate and was based on trust, honor and friendship. What few issues arose were handled with common sense towards a common purpose. We’re proud of that too… More here.

That is a shock, and one which confirms that advertising on independent sites is close to being over.

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  1. It’s telling (mostly about how for some tech jobs, you don’t actually need much business model knowledge) I hadn’t heard much about the Deck. I DID work for Millennial Media, right after it had acquired our Boston office Jumptap and before it got acquired by AOL, all of whom were scrambling to be the best option for ads outside of the FB and Google hegemonies.

    It’s tough. No one wants to pay for anything online is my general observation, and so it’s very hard to make a living on the content side without something like this.

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