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  1. LOL @ “Infinity Display”
    And I know I’m a fanboy, but – “Waaaaay better than the iPhone 7” is a pretty damn big claim (and even though it follows a list of what cool things it offers, it’s not clear what the measure of “better” is). But the gauntlet is thrown, for sure

    • Also, I know I’m a cynic, and biased with brand loyalty, but I remember (way back in 2013!) when Samsung announced a lot of “touchless” features… http://marketingland.com/samsung-galaxy-s-iv-36261 — none of which had a big impact, as far as I can tell (I found a nice Douglas Adams reference when I mentioned it http://kirk.is/2013/03/15/ – he really was ahead of his time)

      So no doubt this is a great phone, but Samsung is always in a “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” hurryup mode in a way Apple isn’t. That fingerprint sensor all the reviews mention (right handed only, encouraging to smear lens) and the face recognition seems like it might be similar? Similar for Bixby “Shazam for Video not Audio”. Interesting gimmick, but will it be part of your day to day life?

  2. So when a company does nothing new everyone screams “lack of innovation” and when they do it’s “they throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” kinda critisism. Personally, I like it when I see modules, keyboards and other ideas being given a go. Alright, so they’re not all for me, and a lot of it doesn’t stick around, but at least they’re giving something new a go! I think young people call the cynics of today “haters.”

    • FWIW, I am hardly ever in the “yelling about lack of innovation” camp. That charge seems most often leveled at Apple’s phones, and it generally bewilders me – I think phones hardware SHOULD be kind of boring, because the interesting stuff is in the apps anyway. (Of course, some of what Samsung is trying is on the software side, but again, we need to see if what they’re doing is worth doing, which is my main point… Samsung seems to push out to the world stuff Apple would bake in the lab and possibly reject)

      The charge Samsung usually gets is copying Apple too closely – a somewhat different flavor of “lack of innovation”. I guess that ain’t the case for this generation, since Samsung is doing more new stuff with the edge to edge screens and the rear mounted fingerprint sensor. Within the tech world we live in, as set up by the original iPhone in 2007, this is a relatively fresh looking phone, and a leader not a follower. Also kudos for keeping the headphone jack with water-proofness to boot.

      On the other hand you mentioned “modules and keyboards and other ideas”…are those part of this phone launch, or are you talking about elsewhere?

  3. I was talking about different companies trying different things when I mentioned modules and keyboards. Blackberry is trying a new approach to their much beloved keyboard, and Motorola and LG tried modules. Apps do make the hardware interesting, but different hardware also leads to new and interesting apps. I’m definitely not a fanboy, and I like to see technology evolve.

    • So arguably, the Blackberry longing for physical keyboards is more retro than new? Actually, even with modules… I dunno, I think back to this circa 1999: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Springboard_Expansion_Slot

      In both cases, I wonder if stuff like that will be handled via– I dunno, cases actually? The silver lining to “we must be as slim as possible” is that you can throw stuff on a case and still have a manageable product.

      Maybe I’m old fashioned but I guess I’m not looking for any big hardware change in either laptops or phones until AR and maybe VR is ready for primetime. And Google Glass shows what a dangerous land that can be!

  4. I always feel that I should prefer Android over iOS. And there are factors of iOS which really irritate me.

    But the fact that this isn’t running iOS rather renders it moot – I won’t be buying one.

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