The Movado Connect vs the Longines Heritage 1945


The Movado Connect is an attempt by  luxury watchmaker to create a smart watch that appeals to traditional watch enthusiasts and from the look of the image above, it is original and really quite a looker.

Compare this with the Longines Heritage 1945 below and you see the full range of tastes and what the industry as a whole is having to consider. The Longines is beautiful, it really is, but it does simple tell the time and it leaves me wondering which I would rather wear. At this moment, the Longines still takes it for me.


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  1. Love the longines 1945 a lot. Would love to pick one up sometime. As for the movado it looks very sleek. I have no real experience with smartwatches so I can’t make an opinion but i will say I love my other 2 movado museum models

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