Amazon just killed Pocket and Instapaper

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The quiet update that Amazon made to its iOS Kindle app took me by surprise because it is a feature I have wanted for a long time.

Pocket and Instapaper make great jobs of presenting long articles on phones and tablets in easy to read ways and they have been firm app friends, but there has always been something missing. The ability to easily transfer long articles to read on my Paperwhite has involved using the Amazon extension on my desktop and even paid services in the past, but now I can transfer these articles to my reading cloud with one tap and they will appear on my iPhone and Paperwhite ready to read. They will synchronise at all times and the Kindle app just ate 2 icons on my iPhone which no longer need to be used.

The presentation is comparable to Instapaper and with my books also residing on the iOS app or my Paperwhite, there is always a sense of continuity.

It could be argued that Amazon is using its position to kill off the competition, but in this case I jumped at the chance to use just one app for 99% of my reading and it works superbly.

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