Subscriptions are amazing value in the grand scheme of things

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Tip: My wife and daughter wanted to watch the above chick flick. I cried it was so good.

Netflix £7.49 / month
Amazon Prime £79 / year
Dropbox £79 / year
Amazon Prime Music £7.99 / month

When I work out the above, I pay £28.65 per month for thousands of films and TV shows, unlimited music streaming, free shipping from Amazon, a free eBook each month and 1TB of online storage which backs up my most import photos and files, and which saves me space on any computer I am using. I am also paying £2.99 per month for 200GB of iCloud storage and am working on what can be done with that so I have left that out for the moment.

When I consider how much use my family get out of the above, it seems more than reasonable and has stopped me considering the cost.

Think about how much you pay for your mobile contract and all of a sudden the amounts above seem tiny. Car insurance, gas, electric, water, mortgages etc etc. Subscription charges are relatively very small and if you avoid silly services that charge by the month to deliver meals and other bonkers ones for razor blades and the like, the costs make perfect sense.

You could save the cost of essential subscription services with the tweaking of one mobile contract. You could also save it by drinking less coffee etc. To sum up, just maybe subscription charges are not significant in comparison to the rest of our daily expenses and just maybe they offer excellent value for money.

So, what have you subscribed to and do you consider the services to be good value for money?

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Whilst the subscription model is not all roses, they often offer good value. The danger is they all gradually creep up a few £ each year and together become a bigger expense.

    Google Play Music Family – £15
    Amazon Prime – £79
    Evernote – £45
    Amazon Cloud Drive – £55

    Sort of subscription based is the added advantages offered on my bank account at £10 per month, travel insurance, phone insurance and breakdown cover.

  2. I’ve looked at subscriptions. I’ve also looked at purchasing the individual TV shows we watch because we’re not TV addicts and don’t have any kids in the house. The one thing that stops me is not being able to get the ice hockey games I want. The NHL package blacks out local games. I know there are ways around it, but it’s one more thing to go wrong.

  3. Dropbox and I think Simplenote.
    Streaming, Hulu (gonna likely drop), Netflix, and HBO — eventually that stuff adds up.
    Also, Patreon is a great subscription for worthy artists and endeavors
    Oh, and “Koala Crate” for my super niece, a month 3 fold arts and crafts project box.

    You do have to watch how this stuff adds up though…

  4. > I pay £28.65 per month for … free shipping … a free eBook


    • Oh come on. The free shipping can be highly advantageous if used often and that free book would cost otherwise. For me, Prime is not bought because of the free eBooks, but the shipping, Amazon video, and various other features.

      Someone remind me not to rise to Neil’s comments…

      • Oh, I don’t dispute that Prime shipping is useful. I just don’t see how it is free…

        • Well, it depends what I am paying for (in my mind). If I pay for shipping, video etc and the other bits appear as a bonus they are sort of free, but obviously you can’t get something ‘for free’ if you have to pay so… Oh whatever!

  5. I’ve just got 9.99€ a month for Netflix, two screens at a time. My girlfriend watches things in Spanish, but I watch everything in English… not being Spanish n all! I think we definitely get our moneys worth. I tried the Amazon Prime free trial over Christmas, but it just isn’t worth it for me. I have been listening to Spotify quite a bit lately, but I’m not sure if another 9.99€ is worth it.

  6. We have both Netflix and Amazon Prime. I was a Prime subscriber before they increased the price and bundled the video, and I wasn’t a fan, as we already had Netflix at that point. However, for the extra cost per year — I think it was around £40/year — we didn’t have to watch too much for it to be a reasonable deal and, in any case, I wanted to keep the Prime shipping. I do still think of it as unfair bundling, but there we go…

    Netflix is okay, but we are watching less than we used to.

    I don’t subscribe to any cloud storage services, as I’d rather keep stuff on my own systems, even if that means things are a bit more expensive overall.

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