You can’t built a bridge between technology and tradition

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I have been having some strange thoughts recently about the Apple Watch. Sorry to bang on about it, but it is annoying me despite the fact I am still wearing it every day.

I really want to wear my Seiko or Bulova every day, but cannot wear two watches because that would be silly. But I also want the activity tracking, the notifications and other minor functions that are so useful.


It reached the point where I actually looked at the Silver Pinstripe Pocket Watch. It is a hipster’s dream product, but one that would take away a lot of the tracking accuracy and sheer convenience of lifting your wrist when a new notification comes in. It is also $199 and if I am honest completely ridiculous.


I could wear the Apple Watch around my neck if I bought the Silver Starburst Locket. Again, ridiculous.

The fact is that there is no way to wear both and so the Apple Watch is a wear all of the time product or do not wear it at all. Watches, to me, are not like classic cars and I would not wear a nice watch just at the weekends. A decent watch deserves time on the wrist and to get knocked now and again, and perhaps most importantly to a watch lover, to remind you of times because you happened to be wearing it when something important happened. That may sound daft, but that is how watch people think.

So, I then considered a stainless steel Apple Watch, which I could get for only £80 by trading in my current Apple Watch. I wouldn’t need a Series 2 even though the battery performance is apparently much improved and the water resistance would be useful, but that sense of still wearing a quality timepiece on my wrist can only come by paying more for a non-Sport Apple Watch.

However, smart watches are temporary and a more durable case is pointless because any case will last for the amount of time people will own their Apple Watch. A stainless steel case on any watch should last for decades, but smart watches don’t live for decades. Batteries die, they get slower and they become obsolete. There is no tradition with a smart watch and so the point comes where a decision has to be made.

You cannot keep a smart watch for long and as such there is little point in buying a ceramic or even a stainless steel version. The decision has to be made to ‘give up’ real watches and to embrace the temporary nature of wearables. I can think of few areas where this has happened before; computers replaced nothing, phones replaced nothing and tablets replaced nothing. They were new products that gave us new things to do whereas a smart watch replaces something that has been with us for hundreds of years and you really can’t built a bridge between technology and tradition.

5 thoughts on “You can’t built a bridge between technology and tradition

  1. > that is how watch people think

    In the nicest possible way, you really need to get out more!

    1. This was dead easy to set up as IPv6 only on a Raspberry Pi using Raspbian Lite, in case you were wondering 🙂

      1. And yet do I describe myself as one of the “Raspberry Pi people”, or blog about how, while the Pi does what I want, I’d much prefer to use an abacus? No!

        1. Hmmm. Touched a nerve;)

  2. 🙂

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