Is Your Boss a Psychopath?


In fact, the panel’s experts say there’s almost one psychopath for every 100 people, with rates shooting up in the workplace, especially in leadership, thanks to psychopaths’ ease with manipulation. Research finds that nearly 4 percent of corporate CEOs are psychopaths, and this rate is nearly doubled among middle managers. (Shockingly, the share of psychopaths among middle managers is nearly as high as the share of psychopaths in medium security prisons.) More at Entrepreneur.

I have met many people in my work life that bear such personality traits; a lack of empathy for others and the ability to get off on making life difficult for others. The worrying thing is that these people tend to shoot up the corporate ladder quicker than the rest.

I have also met far too many people who follow others for a quiet life and who let these people succeed. I’m not sure which group of people is worse.

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