Loft: the stereo system you once loved

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 23.23.54.png

All the power and connectivity of our classic full size consoles packed into a much smaller footprint, the Wrensilva Loft is a fresh take on the modern record console.

Upholding Wrensilva values of thoughtful design and American craftmanship united with high fidelity analog and streaming audio, the Loft is equipped with a 300 watts per channel Wrensilva amplifier, a fantastic sounding turntable, state-of-the-art SONOS® functionality, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a set of RCA inputs for anything from an old school cassette deck to a digital cable box.

Available for purchase as a standalone unit that can be used with even the most demanding speakers on the market and the ability to connect wirelessly to all Sonos speakers throughout your home, or for purchase as a complete package with matching Wrensilva Monitor speakers and included welded steel speaker stands. The Loft offers a truly elegant and flexible option to our line up… More at Wrensilva.

That really is beautifully modern while still managing to take you back to your parent’s music system that dominated the front room.

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