Brexit is less stressful than losing your smartphone


British adults feel more stressed about the prospect of losing their smartphone than they do about Brexit, according to a new study conducted by the Physiological Society.

The Stress in modern Britain survey asked people to rate how stressful they find – or imagine they would find – 18 different life events, with the Physiological Society using the results to assign an average score to each one from a scale of zero to ten, with zero meaning ‘Not at all stressful’ and ten ‘Very stressful’… More at The Independent.

That could be because none of us know what Brexit will be. Then again, we didn’t know before the referendum, but that didn’t stop the majority from voting for it…

1 thought on “Brexit is less stressful than losing your smartphone

  1. Probably the folk who voted brexit are the ones who don’t have smartphones?

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