I was an iPhone man once, like you. Then Shitphone changed everything.


The overall experience was still acceptable, but had come to be characterized by delay. There were the long delays when you open Google Maps or refresh your Gmail inbox. There were the short delays while scrolling through Twitter or when the browser needs to finish loading an ad. Then there were the tiny delays between basic input and basic response, between swiping smoothly and scrolling smoothly, which created enough of an interruption to break the illusion of a physical relationship between thumb and interface. This illusion was one of the great underemphasized accomplishments of the first iPhone, which above all felt like something you were manipulating directly. It felt great. This phone does not feel great, which cast my frequent phone activities in a slightly harsher light. I had time to wonder, Why am I opening this app again? I had time to remember, Twitter never, ever, ever makes me feel good. I recognized each pull-to-refresh as the delivery of a command and the new content it delivered to me as the command’s fulfillment. I felt something similar to what I felt before this all started, when I felt trapped between AT&T and Apple: That, in using my phone, I was frequently stuck between two or more powerful companies that were extracting from my time and interactions fresh monetary value. My commodity smartphone neither concealed nor apologized for what it enabled me to do: participate enthusiastically in the ongoing commodification of my personal information… More at Medium.

Such a good article. Seriously, please read it.

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