FlexEnable’s wristable


With the touchscreen added and it strapped to a wrist, the device essentially becomes a hands-free phone. So what could it actually be used for? “It’s probably not for consumers, but potential customers include warehouses, where employees carry around a device to check the stock,” said a spokesperson for FlexEnable.

“Usually they only have one hand free, but with this device on a wrist both hands will be free,” she added, stressing the importance of integrating touch sensors so that staff could write messages without needing to use two hands, or reach for a phone. In terms of productivity, it could be everything a smartwatch is not… More at Wareable.

Can’t see me wearing this anytime soon, but who knows if such a product could become completely normal one day?

Did we ever expect to be carrying phones the size of the iPhone 7 Plus around?

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