Who needs watch apps?

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I don’t use one third party app on my Apple Watch, not one.

The reason is simple in that I have not found one that is remotely useful to me and the situation works for me. The fitness tracking, notifications and accurate time are all that I want to be honest and I can think of no other use that would make the experience better on the Apple Watch than on the iPhone.

There are times when it is more convenient to make a call from the watch or even send a very quick message, but these are embedded features so again no need for a third party app.

The comparison to my iPhone usage is stark with third party apps dominating my usage so it can only be down to duplication and the minimal form of smart watches.

I have no doubt that there are apps, such as Uber, that will be useful for individuals, but for the majority I suspect that third party apps are nothing more than a novelty that do not get used often. Feel free to correct me if your experience is different.

It leads me to believe that the future of smart watches is in making the features they are good for better and to not aim to make them mini replacements for phones. As an add-on they have potential, as a full-blown mobile experience they can only bring confusion and wasted time. A watch is just a watch after all, no matter how smart it is.

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  1. I’ve installed a few apps. Two additional weather apps that give me different views. OCD? Maybe, but in Canada in the winter, it’s nice to know. I have the 1Password extension, although I rarely use it. A calculator, just because. And Todo which I use regularly. It’s easier to check a shopping list on my watch than it is to haul out my phone or even a paper list.

  2. I have a few installed but, other than a run timer app, I only use the default apps.

    I used to use a reminders app, before that was supported natively.

  3. I was going to say, I’d almost be interested in people’s daily/weekly/monthly used apps, but it’s a bit narcisstic for me to want to post my own, and I’m not sure if the results are all that interesting.

  4. This may not be the right place to post this, but I was watching something on You Tube about if your phone gets stolen. The apps they tried had some success getting near it, but not finding it (unless you use them for where you have left your phone behind!) The conclussion was get a good pass code so that at least the thief can’t access it.

    Then, in the comment section someone said, it’s easier to get a smart watch of some sort, and set it up using the bluetooth connection to have your phone ring when it gets out of range and you have a better chance of catching the thief. Mmmm, I thought, not a bad reason to get a smart watch!


  1. The Apple Watch needs one feature, just one – Lost In Mobile

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