A Visual Guide To Statistics


Kunin’s interactive online resource is called Seeing Theory, and the website features five areas of statistics, including basic and compound probability, distributions, statistical inference, and linear regressions. Each of these topic areas is broken down into a series of three interactive graphs that illustrate concepts while letting users play around with data. The idea is to make statistics more tangible and accessible to people who might not grok the concepts immediately… More at fastcodesign.

If numbers are your thing, the above article will be of great interest.


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  1. My first paid programming job was working at Tufts’ Curricular Software Studio on a program called ConStatS (for Conceptualizing Statistics, but it echo’d the name of the studio… but now CSS means something different….) in 1994. We had been ahead of the curve in picking Windows as the platform, but were punching above our weight, getting green student programmers to do 16-bit Windows C code. (A few years later and Visual Basic might have let even more get done).

    Still, same ideas, cool to have that validation.

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