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For some unfathomable reason, I picked up an iPhone 7 over the weekend and have had some time to get to know it. The main reason, to be honest, is that my eyes are not what they used to be and so I needed a bigger screen. 128GB of space also helps.

I should say from the start that it is the most boring phone I have ever used. I don’t like the shape, never have, and for the life of me I do not understand why Apple has made a phone that is as slippery as this one. The matte black finish is nice and all that, but it is still an iPhone 6 in my eyes and doesn’t come close to the form of the iPhone SE, 5s etc.

Remember that I am coming from an SE and moved to that because of the size and the form, and it is still a let down to actually use a phone that feels 2 years old.

I can’t deny the power within it and the camera which is stunning to my eyes, particularly in low light, and the display is also extremely impressive.

A quick shot taken in very low light – my daughter made the cake by the way.
And zoomed in. Serious detail given the conditions.

I’m not quite sure why I am so down in the iPhone 7, but I suspect it is the price and the feeling that the enhancements are not worthy of the extra expense. Logically, I should have bought a 6s and waited for the, hopefully re-designed, iPhone 8 which may have offered the sense of something new.

But, we are where we are and for people like me who are embedded in iOS there is no better phone at the time. I just can’t shake the feeling that it should be better than it is and that it feels like a holding device until the next big thing arrives.

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  1. Oddly for no particular reason I fired up my iPhone 6, set aside because of a wonky audio plug, and am trying to remember how it felt vs the SE. I admit the screen seemed more nicely “open”.

    You might try one of Apple’s own Silicone cases? (Either straight up or with a battery if you don’t mind the hunch) I got one for the phone a few months before its end, and it’s actually tactically pleasant, if visually boring.

    There’s a chance my next screensizes will be determined by support for Apple Pencil. If the rumors of an iPad-mini scale Pro are true, I’m there, but I’m worried the “plus” phone form factor might be where it goes.

    The only other appeal of the plus size is if the camera is notably better. I’m still running the old “could it ever be enough for me to ditch the DSLR which I hardly ever use anyway” arguments.

  2. “may have offered the sense of something new”

    This is curious, and is, I expect, a major factor in keeping technology sales up.

    From the look of your piece, you moved from the SE for functional reasons: you needed the larger screen, and welcomed the larger storage capacity.

    But it looks as if what you were really hoping for was not functional improvement, but a feeling of something being new. And that’s an expensive thing to keep looking for.

    I’m certainly not claiming to be perfect at it, but I do try to make an honest assessment of my technology and determine whether my needs have changed which would justify me looking for something else, or whether, from the other direction, an updated product would serve my needs better. Even that is risky…

    I do not see the point of an annual technology upgrade, and my computers in particular are all relatively old now but doing perfectly well. I certainly don’t see anything in the iPhone 7 which would give me something that my iPhone 6S doesn’t, and I suspect that the same will be the case of the iPhone 7S. My feeling is that we are at the stage where core functionality works well enough, and that the annual improvement cycle really is just adding a little bit extra to justify the release of a new model. A better camera would always be welcomed but, in itself, it is not enough reason to upgrade.

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