The Ralf Tech WRV V Automatic 1977 ‘Parisienne’


The Ralf Tech WRV V Automatic 1977 “Parisienne” is not a bargain item by any means at just over the $2,000 mark, but I found myself wearing this watch pretty frequently, preferring it to some much costlier watches from brands with prestigious profiles. But that’s what I loved about it; though there are obvious design cues from brands like Panerai, the sum of its parts come together in a cohesive package. And being in watch media, those are my favorite experiences: when a seemingly “unremarkable” (and I mean that in the least derogatory way, in that in terms of design, material, movement, etc., there are many choices out there), non-gimmicky watch comes together in a way that’s just solid and unfussy. The Ralf Tech WRV V Automatic 1977 “Parisienne” watch did just this for me… More at A Blog To Watch.

That is close to perfect.

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