The BlackBerry KeyOne


There isn’t much I can add about the BlackBerry KeyOne that hasn’t already been written in the past 24 hours.

It looks good in an ungainly kind of way that suggests the keyboard has been squeezed below the screen. However, if you spent some time with it, as per the article above, you may grow to like it. The ability to long-press a button to open a specific app is a simple and brilliant feature and there is still no doubt in my mind that a physical keyboard like this, once you have accustomed your thumbs to it, would be much quicker than a touch screen.

The price is a problem though for mid-range specs and in an Android world where specs still seem to matter to so many, the only differentiator is the keyboard. I really don’t think this is enough in 2017 and would have preferred to see BlackBerry try something completely different. A landscape device with a slide out / fold over keyboard would have been a much more interesting proposition.

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