The ‘new’ Nokia 3310


Evan Blass also known as evleaks, who first revealed the existence of a new Nokia 3310, now claims the phone would run Nokia Series 30+, the same operating system that is running in both Nokia 150 and its dual-SIM spin-off.

Customers would get to choose the new Nokia phone from multiple colour options and swappable faceplates. Evleaks believes the design of the handset would be a mixture of old 3310 that was launched 17 years ago and the new Nokia 150… More at IBT.

I would normally view the re-issue of an old standard phone to be nothing more than a novelty, but this brings back so many memories for me. The original was rock-solid, the battery life was incredible and it just worked!

And while we are looking back, you can play the original version of Snake here. Much easier on a full-sized screen.


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