Can Apple Reverse The Ipad Sales Free-Fall?


Apple posted its first full-year iPad sales dip in fiscal 2014. Unit sales slipped 4 percent that year, while revenue fell 5 percent.

The sales declines accelerated thereafter. In fiscal 2015, unit sales plunged 19 percent and revenue dropped by 23 percent. In fiscal 2016, unit sales fell another 17 percent, while revenue tumbled 11 percent. Double-digit declines along both metrics continued in the first quarter of fiscal 2017.

The net result is that Apple shipped just 42.6 million iPads during the 2016 calendar year, down about 40 percent from the peak a few years ago. In its most recent annual report, it blamed the decline in iPad sales on cannibalization by other products (most notably phablets like the iPhone 6 Plus and its successors) and a long replacement cycle for iPads. The strong dollar may have also hurt sales outside the U.S… More at Newsweek.

In answer to the title, no. Tablets did not kill off computers as many predicted and phones are having a big impact on tablets as they get bigger. Tablets are getting squeezed and that means the iPad is as well.

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