Grandaddy, ‘Last Place’


Jason Lytle was burnt out. In the years following the release of Grandaddy’s beloved The Sophtware Slump at the turn of the century, the Modesto, Calif., indie-rock band had hit a wall of diminishing returns and inter-band frustrations. And Lytle, Grandaddy’s primary songwriter and mastermind, had become increasingly reclusive, preferring to hole up among his gear and work alone. So while it was not meant to be a farewell, 2006’s Just Like The Fambly Cat signaled what the band had likely known for a while.

After the band’s dissolution, Lytle uprooted to rural Montana, a domestic escape back to nature that had long been a source of calming balance. The move was also a creative recharge. Lytle eventually released two solo albums, and another as Admiral Radley (a collaboration with members of the band Earlimart). But tonally, he never strayed too far from his core formula: chunky distorted guitars, an army of sparkly synthesizers, and Lytle’s distinctive wistful and wincing voice. Now, nearly 10 years after Grandaddy’s previous release, Lytle has actually relocated back to his old California stomping grounds, and revived the band — including Aaron Burtch, Tim Dryden, Jim Fairchild and Kevin Garcia — to perhaps rewrite the band’s ending. It won’t come as a shock that Grandaddy’s new album, Last Place, feels exactly like, well, old Grandaddy, in the best possible way… More at npr music.

One of the best bands ever.

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