Apple Watch: Convenient? Yes. Indispensable? No


I don’t consider my Apple Watch indispensable. Of course, while reading the comic about losing your phone, I don’t consider a mobile phone indispensable either. A major convenience, certainly, but indispensable, as in life or death? The trick with any smartwatch, or any personal technology, is the killer app. Something that makes such a difference that you really don’t want to be without it. I do not have one on my Apple Watch. But I do have convenient ones.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I got my Apple Watch as a gift. At that price, I would not have purchased it on my own. That said, it is convenient not to have to take out my phone for a number of things. For example…

I often check the temperature before I go out. I can see whether it’s raining or snowing by looking out the window, but what’s the temperature. Especially these days when we’re having a thaw that I know won’t last. But is it 2C or 10C. For the former, I’d probably still wear my winter coat, but for 10C my fall jacket. Sure I could walk over to the thermostat which also has the outdoor temperature, but if I’ve forgotten to do that and already put on my boots, having the temperature on my wrist is very handy.

I rarely use alerts, but when I do, they’re important, and having a nudge on my wrist is handy. Likewise, I put my shopping list in Appigo Todo which has an Apple Watch app. I can use the watch as I walk around the store and check off things as I go. I don’t like using my phone for that because I’m always afraid someone will bump into me and the phone will drop. I could use a paper list, but the watch is more convenient.

There, I’ve just taken more time writing this up than I save using the Apple Watch in a month. Convenient? Yes. Indispensable? No. Bob

Sort of sums up my experience. I have been trying for longer this week and convenient sums it up. If I did not have a ‘thing’ for real watches, I would probably be wearing one all of the time.

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