What does the Apple watch do?

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I have been wearing an Apple Watch for the past few days to see if I can bring up some enthusiasm to understand why some people love it so much.

I have failed again.

The fitness bit makes sense because it is in your face and more obvious than most dedicated fitness trackers, but it is a bit of a hassle to track sleep and a £40 fitness tracker does a very similar job. If you spend a little more you also get the heartrate monitoring and so I remain dubious about that.

Notifications are another area that are perceived as useful, in a theoretical sense, but when I don’t wear the watch I never miss them and I never miss the notifications on my phone anyway.

There is still not one third party app that does anything useful for me, not one, and I have spent a lot of time trying to find one. The form and size of a watch obviously do not lend themselves to doing anything above very simple interactions and the moments when such things are necessary appear to occur only occasionally.

It tells the time very accurately, but the lack of an always on feature hampers that a little as well because on occasion a shake of the wrist is required to pop up the display which is a shame.

I realise that I have written about this subject before, but I would love to hear from those of you who find your Apple Watch, or any other smart watch, indispensable and why?

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  1. I don’t consider my Apple Watch indispensable. Of course, while reading the comic about losing your phone, I don’t consider a mobile phone indispensable either. A major convenience, certainly, but indispensable, as in life or death? The trick with any smartwatch, or any personal technology, is the killer app. Something that makes such a difference that you really don’t want to be without it. I do not have one on my Apple Watch. But I do have convenient ones.

    I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I got my Apple Watch as a gift. At that price, I would not have purchased it on my own. That said, it is convenient not to have to take out my phone for a number of things. For example…

    I often check the temperature before I go out. I can see whether it’s raining or snowing by looking out the window, but what’s the temperature. Especially these days when we’re having a thaw that I know won’t last. But is it 2C or 10C. For the former, I’d probably still wear my winter coat, but for 10C my fall jacket. Sure I could walk over to the thermostat which also has the outdoor temperature, but if I’ve forgotten to do that and already put on my boots, having the temperature on my wrist is very handy.

    I rarely use alerts, but when I do, they’re important, and having a nudge on my wrist is handy. Likewise, I put my shopping list in Appigo Todo which has an Apple Watch app. I can use the watch as I walk around the store and check off things as I go. I don’t like using my phone for that because I’m always afraid someone will bump into me and the phone will drop. I could use a paper list, but the watch is more convenient.

    There, I’ve just taken more time writing this up than I save using the Apple Watch in a month. Convenient? Yes. Indispensable? No.

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