AirPods thoughts


My thoughts:
– I still enjoy using the AirPods
– there are technical challenges, such as not connecting quickly enough and — worse — dropping out during calls and then re-connecting. Apple needs to address this as, currently, they are less reliable than their far cheaper (bundled?) counterparts
– but I love not having a wire to contend with, which I was constantly untangling or trying to stop getting snagged on clothes
– sound is good enough for me
– they stay in my ears better than I was expecting, and I’m not worried about them falling out on the tube in rush hour any more
– microphone is better than I was expecting, and better than the mic on the wired headphones which was forever bumping on my shirt / collar and making noise on a call
– lack of physical controls is a complete pain, and I’m still no more of a fan of Siri. Using the Apple Watch to control playback is better than having to use Siri, but still a pain
– battery life has been fine for the way I use them so far, but then I haven’t had any long flights / train journeys
– clearly not worth the £160


A decent summing up of a product that is so nearly perfect.

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