Straton Syncro watch


The Straton Syncro watch is a culmination of two styles working in unity, the reason for the chosen model name Syncro. The two watch styles consist of Automotive (general appeal, chronograph, chequered racing bezel) and Diving (20ATM water resistance, block minute dive bezel). The Syncro stays true to Straton’s previous styling cues of 70’s Chronographs which have produced some of the most iconic Chronograph watches.

The Syncro is available with two movement options from one of the most reliable movement manufacturers worldwide, Seiko/TMI. The first the NE88 automatic movement and the second the VK64 Meca-Quartz. Why have we chosen two movements instead of one? Both movements we chose are top quality movements, some customers prefer Automatic movement and some prefer a Quartz movement and price is also a decision factor… More at kickstarter.

The designs are vintage inspired and look wonderful and then you look inside and you get a choice between two stunning Seiko movements. There is a lot to like here.

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