I don’t use my AirPods anymore


So, it didn’t take long for the AirPods to go back in the box and not do a lot.

I don’t quite know why it happened, but there are some specific reasons that pertain to how I need to use wireless headphones.

The first one is that they are open and let background noise in. This is an advantage for some tasks, but a disadvantage if you want to concentrate on the podcast you are listening to or really enjoy some music in a noisy environment. Or if you happen to sit near someone called Andy at work who has the loudest voice you have ever heard and who talks nonsense all day and every day. In that circumstance the AirPods don’t work brilliantly.

The second is that they are open and let a lot of noise out. When playing music loud, there is no other way, I found that I was disturbing those near to me and so I was conscious of how I used them.

The third is that the Motorola VerveLoop+ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds sound better with a deeper sound that works for a variety of reasons. They are closed so do not let noise out and almost completely block (Andy) annoying noises coming in when you take the time to fit them properly.

The fourth is that the Motorola VerveLoop+ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds have a stunning battery life which is easily as good, if not better than the AirPods and without the need for the charging case. I also prefer having a wire between the two earbuds because they look better and there is a lessened sense that you could lose them at any time.

The fifth is that in a straight comparison I paid £100 less for the Motorola VerveLoop+ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds than for the AirPods which is a hard one to ratify in my head. The Motorolas connect every time by a simple button press and disconnect the same way, and they have never lost the connection yet. Also, the buttons are ‘much’ more convenient than using Siri on the AirPods.

It is true that if I did not have the Motorola earbuds I would still be using the AirPods, but it is also true that Apple’s offering if not always the best depending on your use case. Don’t get me wrong, the AirPods are brilliant, they really are, but they don’t quite do what I need them to.

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  1. Funny how one can easily go through phases with everything. It also takes something being slightly better than something else for it to go back in the box and not pop out again. Personally I keep going back to the LG infinitum headphones.

  2. My thoughts:
    – I still enjoy using the AirPods
    – there are technical challenges, such as not connecting quickly enough and — worse — dropping out during calls and then re-connecting. Apple needs to address this as, currently, they are less reliable than their far cheaper (bundled?) counterparts
    – but I love not having a wire to contend with, which I was constantly untangling or trying to stop getting snagged on clothes
    – sound is good enough for me
    – they stay in my ears better than I was expecting, and I’m not worried about them falling out on the tube in rush hour any more
    – microphone is better than I was expecting, and better than the mic on the wired headphones which was forever bumping on my shirt / collar and making noise on a call
    – lack of physical controls is a complete pain, and I’m still no more of a fan of Siri. Using the Apple Watch to control playback is better than having to use Siri, but still a pain
    – battery life has been fine for the way I use them so far, but then I haven’t had any long flights / train journeys
    – clearly not worth the £160

  3. Hmm. Just ordered the BeatsX, with the hope that the chip it shares with the AirPod will be a better connection than a pair of Beats wireless earphones I played with for a bit (kept cutting out). Also I think I prefer a bass boost to “as accurate as possible”… and I don’t mind if it’s not sound blocking, usually I can focus anyway with some ambient noise and would prefer not to be startled by things out there…

  4. What a pity, I they look great on paper (and various YouTube reviews!) I barely use my Denon earphones anymore, but my Sony headphones I do, but when out walking the dog I love being immersed in my music, but I don’t like it that when I pass people, sometimes they say hello or comment on the dog and I feel a bit antisocial with two big cans on my ears. Yet, at the same time, it also not that hard to lower them and let them hang around your neck.


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