Phones we lusted after before the smart phone arrived


I usually wake up to check my phone, do the same before I sleep and I don’t really know how many times I repeat that throughout the day. It is safe to say that my phone is my life. I say that I have actually felt sad several times because my phone is dead and have taken desperate measures to bring it back to life.

But, back in the days when we were in school, phones were a privilege that we craved to get our hands on even if it was just for a couple of minutes, leave alone owning one. Remember them? More at Scoop Whoop.

A decent selection of phones that we lusted over before the smart phone arrived. I owned every single model on this list apart from the Panasonic G51.

2 thoughts on “Phones we lusted after before the smart phone arrived

  1. I lusted after many of these, but I only just had a few. So what’s exciting now in terms of hardware? Personally I love what Samsung has done with the Edge. I have 7 more days to decide whether to stick with my new Lenovo Yoga Book or not, which more or less reminds me of my old netbook but it’s seriously light and thin with instant on and great battery life! (I have the Android Version.) So why is there so little innovation in terms of hardware these days? Or maybe there is and I’m just not seeing it? Or maybe it’s more internal rather than external? Or maybe the change has moved more towards accessories like smart watches etc.

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