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The Mac App Store previously made up about half of Piezo’s unit sales, so we might have expected to sell half as many copies after exiting the store. Instead, it seems that nearly all of those App Store sales shifted to direct sales. It appears that nearly everyone who would have purchased Piezo via the Mac App Store opted to purchase directly once that was the only option. Far from the Mac App Store helping drive sales to us, it appears we had instead been driving sales away from our own site, and into the Mac App Store… More at Rogue Amoeba.

Obviously you have no choice with iOS apps, but with Mac apps the story is very different. I’m not sure what Apple offers any more for Mac app developers besides an app store that has been severely neglected forever.

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  1. I don’t know if Apple has rules about this, but lots of developers sell in the Mac App Store as well as on their own web site. It seems as if they’re using the Mac App Store as a marketing vehicle. If possible, I’ll buy direct. If I like a product enough to buy it, the developer might as well get the 30% that Apple keeps.

    • Must be too early in the morning here. Or maybe too much snow shoveling. Please disregard the first two sentences. The first is redundant, and the second is contradicted by the article, although there may be cases where it is true.

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