People like taking selfies, but don’t like looking at them


Selfies appear as a double-edged phenomenon. Taking, posting, and viewing selfies has become a daily habit for many. At the same time, research revealed that selfies often evoke criticism and disrespect, and are associated with non-authenticity and narcissism. The present study (N = 238) sheds further light on the somewhat contradictory phenomenon of selfies and their psychological value… More at Frontiers In Psychology.

A strange topic to study, but interesting results.

Categories: Photography

2 replies

  1. I was doing selfies before they were cool… in the late 90s, when you had to flip the camera around and hope… scroll halfway down and there’s that weird expression I always did with ’em mouth wide home in a half smile half scream.

  2. I don’t do selfies. Just for avatar reasons 😉

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