The Panerai PAM 684 Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Oro Rosso

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I know what you’re thinking. Gold? For a dive watch? Why? First of all, you’re right, gold is a ludicrous choice for a dive watch – but Panerai knows this. And so do all of the other watchmakers that have made gold divers (a long list that includes Cartier, IWC, and and even Rolex). So while you have every right to question why this watch is needed, it’s helpful to keep in mind that for a few decades now, mechanical watches no longer need a real reason to exist. And that brings us to the new PAM 684.

The PAM 684 is not a watch I recommend diving with, and I’m pretty sure you’d hear the same thing from the salespeople in any Panerai boutique you happened to walk into around the globe. There’s a long list of professional-grade divers with better depth ratings and more durable cases to choose from, and guess what? They’re all in Panerai’s Submersible range, right alongside the PAM 684… More at Hodinkee.

So, what is wrong with this watch?

For me, it sums up everything that is wrong with high-end watches and goes to explaining why the market is suffering. It looks like most other Panerai watches, and I mean it’s just about identical. It’s $26,700 which is crazy for a watch like this and it is neither original, aesthetically pleasing or competitive with other watches in this price range.

No, I am not a Panerai fan.

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