The Seiko Spring Drive Movement


Please note that we will begin with looking at how Spring Drive works for the simple reason that we need a good understanding of how the system functions and is constructed before we can talk about the fascinating story behind it all. As such, we are discussing the history of Spring Drive on Page 2, but first, let us dive into the depths of this magnificent movement…

…But before we do that, humor me a short paragraph’s glimpse into the research required for this article (and a heads-up to Seiko corporate): unfortunately, Seiko is notorious among aBlogtoWatch team members for purposely or unintentionally (we don’t know yet) scattering bits and pieces of valuable information on one single topic between as many online sites, outlets, and media formats as humanly possible. From near-impossible-to-find YouTube videos through random Japanese-only micro-sites to never publicly published PDFs, precious little droplets of information and official images on the same Seiko-related topic lay unorganized in the vast fields of the interweb. It took me a few days to put together this segment below so I hope you will appreciate the effort and feel free to chime in in the comments section with relevant data we might have missed… More at A Blog To Watch.

This is a somewhat technical article and likely of little interest to you, but it amazes me that something like this can be small enough to be worn on a wrist. The sheer ingenuity is incredible.

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