The Alpine Horological Smartwatch


Alpina invented the Swiss modern sport watch in 1938 and today with the Horological Smartwatch Alpina invents the Swiss Smartwatch. Horological and connected, the Alpina Smartwatch is the perfect union between the art of fine Swiss watchmaking and Silicon Valley technology. This fine timepiece will help you living a healthier life by tracking your activity and sleep data and by coaching you. For the first time a Swiss watch will not only be your lifestyle symbol, it will now actually measure your lifestyle.

Luxury is about craftsmanship. A know how, which is transmitted from generation to generation. There can be no luxury without legacy and heritage. A luxury watch is a timeless object, or is not.

For this reason we have conceived our Horological Smartwatch to last forever both in construction and in terms of applications… More at Alpina.

An interesting combination, and one that hides the smartness very well.

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