In praise of Homerun King™

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I don’t play many games on any platform, but on occasion a ‘pick up and play’ title may grab me. Homerun King™ is that game of the moment and has been for a few months now, to the point that I am exceptionally good at it.

It requires a huge amount of concentration to continually hit homeruns and even more to hit decent homeruns that bring the points in. This concentration requires focussing your eyes to see exactly when the ball leaves the pitcher and the trajectory it is taking, and then timing your swing to perfection. It is a physical kind of movement that can be strangely tiring, but with practice you can be hitting 20 out of 20 homeruns and gradually increasing your best scores as you increase your player and bat powers.

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This is not an easy game to describe and it appears to be far too simple when you just look at the screenshots, but there is a lot to learn and a lot of adjusting to get better over time. And over a long period of time this game becomes extremely addictive to the point that at least a couple of plays a day are required.

When I said I was exceptionally good at it at the top, I wasn’t being an idiot about it. I am almost ashamed to say that I have hit 43,119 homeruns to date, but less so to admit that I am at the very top in some other areas. I need to get out more…

Available for iOS and Android.

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One thought on “In praise of Homerun King™

  1. It didn’t do a lot for me but I kind of got the appeal – there’s a nice precision to it. And tons of “juiciness”, the feedback it gives when you hit a good homerun.

    The ina-pp purchases were offputting, mostly because I don’t understand how much worse or better my experience is without them, and that’s oddly stressful. (Do you ever put any money into it?)

    You owe it to yourself to take a few swipes at “Little Master Cricket”. It’s made by the same genius who brought us the keyboard-muscle based running simulator “QWOP”, but without quite as sadistically obscure an interface. Unlike Homerun King (TM, kof kof) you don’t play a finely tuned athletic machine who just needs to perfect one aspect (timing) to be the world champ, but a kind of hapless cricket batsman doing his best to protect the wicket from the slow onslaught of balls (like Homerun King, no running, just hitting) and it has a great little bit of physics in it.


    (Sorry if I’m getting something wrong about the terms of the sport of Cricket, mostly I know it from researching stuff from Douglas Adams books, and this game)

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