Haldor Abissi 1000M Review


The Abissi measures 45.5mm wide by 57mm long and 15.5mm thick. While there are certainly bigger watches out there, this one just looks and feels very large. The quasi-tonneau shaped case is brushed all over and features an angular, geometric design with sharp angles between the planes, giving it a very precise, almost-industrial look. The right side of the case has angular crown guards that keep the huge 7.5mm crown safe from getting knocked about. It’s a functional detail, but one that I also think looks good for the style. The 24mm lugs are a bit short for my taste, but they go well with the overall design of the case.

The bezel is definitely one of the better features of the Abissi. It is large, with deep-machined grooves for an easy grip. It rotates counter-clockwise with 120-clicks. The insert is made of Zirconia ceramic, which is tough as nails. The insert has large, deeply engraved numbers for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, with minute hash marks for the first 15 minutes in orange, and the rest of the numbers in white. The only lume on the insert is the dot in the triangle at 12 o’clock, Personally, I would have preferred luminous paint on all of the numbers and hash marks. The bezel protects the slightly raised, flat sapphire crystal which has an internal anti-reflective coating. Overall, this is a really nice bezel with solid action and little play… More at Worn & Wound.

That is a LOT of watch for $637!

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