Don’t f*** with people’s phones


Increasingly people keep moving into cities, making cars less necessary. And as autonomous vehicles take hold, riding in a car will become no different than taking any other form of public transportation. But as the politics of not messing with people’s cars wanes, a new refrain has taken root — don’t f*** with people’s phones.

Phones are more than a utility and they’re more than ubiquitous. They’re our lifeblood to society – to our work, our family, our friends, our interests… More at TC.

Interesting that governments are wary of messing with phones because they see how important they are to the individual. On a similar note, how often do you let anyone use your phone?

I never let anyone touch my phone, even my children now they have their own, and it’s not just because I am worried about people seeing what is inside. It is mine, and something that feels very much only mine, so hands off!

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  1. Oh my phone is so much mine. It’s my baby and my little brain. The only time anyone touches it is to get a better look at a photo I’m showing them, my kids sometimes to make a quick call or to send a message for me while I’m driving. But other then that no one touches my baby. One of my private students the other day decided to venture near it with his pencil for some reason, I think it was to see how I would react, and a reaction he got… and he will not ever venture close to my precious with any object ever again, and his sticky fingers only with my permission. (I have let him play with the keyboard, mouse and word processor on it, it gave him a kick to do it on a mobile phone which I can fully appreciate!)

  2. It never occurred to me. Maybe because no one needs to use my phone except me. But if I have to hand it to my wife for something, no where in the back of my mind is any concern or angst because I’m turning over my control. Interesting. Because I’d be royally p-o-ed if it came back changed, i.e. messed up.

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