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Excuse the self-indulgent article, but my daughter became a teenager yesterday and it dawned on me that I had put up a quick post 13 years ago after her birth. It seems crazy to me that I have been doing this for so long, from 2 years before she was born actually, and that I must have posted thousands and thousands of articles in that time.

I tried to find the original post, but it has gone now. However, many of the original websites are still online via Wayback Machine and the pages really do highlight how far we have come since the original Sony Clie blew my mind and made me publish a website. Most of the problems we had with mobile devices at that time are now just memories and today everyone uses a phone, a fact that causes one-man/woman sites to struggle, but there’s still enough interest for people like me to stick around.

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It’s been good, at times it has been exciting, but at the end of it all Tom and Alice are still the ones who make me wake up each day, and who make me want to do something a little different that they can look back on one day.

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  1. You’re a lucky man!

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