Who is responsible for what an individual does? Apple???


Weeks ago, Apple was sued on accusations that its FaceTime app contributed to the highway death of a young girl in Texas. The girl’s family claims that the iPhone maker should have deployed technology to prohibit motorists from using the app.

Now there’s another lawsuit targeting Apple’s decision not to deploy a lock-out mechanism. This one—from an injured Southern California motorist—concerns locking out drivers from texting.

This lawsuit from accident victim Julio Ceja, who was rear-ended by a texting driver, does not seek any monetary damages. Instead, it demands that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge block Apple from selling iPhones in the Golden State until the devices are updated to include Apple’s patented technology to lock drivers out of their phones while driving… More at ars technica.

How would the technology know when someone is driving and when someone is a passenger?

I get that there is a mechanism to do this and that the people who would likely suffer will be those not using a phone while driving, but surely there is a point when you have to leave this things to natural selection. We cannot protect reckless people from themselves 100% of the time.

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  1. In the U.S., it seems that people sue at the drop of a hat. No one is responsible for their own actions, although they’ll also say that their constitution says the opposite. Unfortunately, some of that mentality is seeping into Canada.

    Apple did nothing wrong here. It’s up to them when and where they introduce new technology. And there are plenty of warnings about not using facetime or texting while driving. In some places, it is against the law. Can one reasonably sue if one did something illegal?

    This is not the same as a company trying to hide something dangerous.

  2. Was watching a video on line this week about a FedEx transport being t-boned by a train at a level crossing. The traffic arms were up and the red lights were not flashing. The comments were wild and crazy as expected, but someone pointed out that it is the driver’s responsibility to check both ways at a train crossing, even when the arms are up, for specifically this situation.

    It is easier to stop a truck, than it is to stop a train.

    And whether or not the train is at fault, the people who maintains the crossing, or the trunk driver, in the end, a person can end up dead. Right of way is a definition of law. It doesn’t guarantee you won’t get hurt or killed.

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