Re-telling The Time


The 10:11 clock’s beauty lies in the fact that it takes the most simple function of a product and flips it, without making the product useless. The clock is still absolutely useful, but it’s confusing because it breaks a habit and therefore creates a completely new interaction with an old product. Much like how switches flipping directions are different in America as opposed to the rest of the world. Unlike the former, the 10:11 clock isn’t a happenstance. It’s a celebration! More at YD.

My mind can’t get used to that.

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  1. What bugs me is the relative arbitrariness of the hand/pointer positions. My engineer wants the place to look at to be straight up, or something, but I guess that removes some of the “charming quirkiness”

  2. Nah, I like quirkiness, but that clock idea is just goofy. The whole point of a clock for me is to quickly tell the time. It seems there have been other quirky clocks that have done a twist on the presentation that were more clever.

  3. I expect that most people look at an analog clock and register the approximate time based on the position of the hands. If I have to look at what numbers are under or near the hands, I might as well use a digital. That’s assuming I want to easily tell the time as opposed to having a watch that’s different.

  4. This could really screw with my students heads teaching them how to read the time! 😂

  5. I’ll bet if this was the first way they were taught, it would be natural for them, and the accepted way would be difficult.


  1. You need to chill – Lost In Mobile

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