Is it curtains for the photobooth?


Josepho had invented the first working photo booth, which then mushroomed in shopping centres, post offices and pharmacies. And when they weren’t being occupied by lovebirds and best-friends-forever – or inspiring Andy Warhol – their spinning stools offered an unromantic service for passport applicants.

But now the Home Office has confirmed that online applicants may upload photos taken on mobile phones. Does this mean that it’s curtains for the photo booth? Photo-Me, the country’s biggest booth firm (it supplies the Post Office and Boots, among others) could not develop answers in time, but there are signs elsewhere that booths are shifting into a new age… More at The Guardian.

There are some apps around that help you take a photo in the format that is needed for passports and they make perfect sense. Ever had a good experience in a photobooth? Actually, don’t answer that…

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  1. Seen it as a gimmic at weddings. Get three or pictures in the photo booth format. You get one copy. The couple get the other.

  2. It is certainly soon to be curtains for the wonderful old black and white chemical booths in Melbourne. The owner is getting on and he has no one in his family who wants to take over the business. I have thousands of great booth photos in my collection. And that only speaks to the ones in which I feature. I’m just a bit obsessed. The UK used to be a photobooth paradise, didn’t it? I have many photos found in Tube and overground stations across London and in Leicester. Most of my colour booths strips come from the UK.

    Very nice photo of the children outside that booth!

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