When the truth doesn’t seem to matter

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 10.23.27.png

This will be fascinating to watch as the media and Trump’s regime lock horns. America’s version of the Iraqi Information Minister has been made to talk about something pointless in his first statement, and lie about it to boot, and so we watch the pre-cursor to what is to come.

Millions of women march around the world and it isn’t mentioned, but we have social media and we have a huge section of America that can see all of this and does not find it acceptable. The problem is that it may not really matter.

As we watch someone shape the narrative in ways that dictators have previously, who we have historically laughed at, we sit back and demonstrate politely, we march and we let it happen. Worryingly, I’m not sure that all of the jokes and spite on social media will do anything at all and I’m not convinced that the narrative of reasonable people online carries any real weight. It will be an interesting few years…

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