I can’t decide who to spy on myself with…


In other words, what are Google and Amazon’s ambitions as companies and what are their business models? If you look at the Google Home privacy policy – it has its own specific page – Google tells us in specific, and then more vague, terms what it does with the data.

It uses the data to improve its services – fine. And to protect users from malware – also fine. Then, “on surfaces where we show ads, we use data to show you ads that are relevant and useful”. This is Google’s business model. All those moonshots I love – part of Google’s ambitions – come from ad sales, targeted ads. I weirdly believe myself a little bit immune to targeted internet ads so I’m down with this. (See also, people who use ad blockers)… More at Wareable.

As time passes, these questions will be asked more and more. As we expect such devices to become more sophisticated, we have to understand that they will need to capture more of what we do. Problem is, we can’t surely trust them with information…

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