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I am obviously not going to compare the AirPods with the Apple Watch because they are 2 completely different products, but they do represent the difference between a product that fits into your life and helps you, and a product that feels like hard work every day.

I have owned the AirPods for 5 days now and am completely used to the way they work. I no longer marvel at them when listening to music or podcasts, I just take them out of the case and enjoy the experience.

The thought of using earphones with wires already feels alien to me and I am completely sold on the experience in all of the important ways including battery life, sound quality and ease of use (invisibility).

When I compare that experience to the Apple Watch, it is night and day. I get that the watch has many, many different uses and is in effect not comparable, but the iPhone is much more complex and feels natural and invisible in use much of the time.

Without the benefit of years of use, which the iPhone has, it could be argued that the Apple Watch has not driven into our daily lives yet, but I have worn one for long periods of time and never felt that it was invisible or useful enough to merit the work taken to run it.

To me, the AirPods and the iPhone succeed at what they are designed to do which is to take functions that were previously clunky and make them much easier and natural to how we as humans want to behave. I’m just not seeing that with the Apple Watch. Are you?

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  1. I’ll bet that AirPods were designed by a small team whereas the watch always felt like design by committee. Certainly one possible reason why there was such a major change in WatchOS 3.

    AirPods don’t have the range of functions and are, in fact, very focused, making it easier to hide any complexities. The iPhone does the same by being mainly a phone until the user decides what else they want to do. And both can be marketed that way. Sure they do all sorts of other neat stuff, but that’s the focus. With the watch, there never was a focus on “it tells the time” and oh yes, it can do a bunch of other things. It was always about all the other things. It was marketed that way, and originally designed, the hardware and software, that way. Of course, there were already devices that told you the time and many other things, so how to differentiate. Apple chose to push the complexity or the number of different things.

    I own an Apple Watch, a gift from my wife. I like it. But I don’t use it for lots of different things. It tells me time and date. I can get a simple view of upcoming weather, very important in Canada. And it reminds me of things in two ways. First the tap tap when I get a rare text or when an appointment is due. It also allows me to view my to do list, which can include a shopping list. I find that very handy. While I probably wouldn’t have bought it on my own, as I do find the prices rather high, I’m glad I have it. But I don’t try to do very much with it.

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