Does More Money Change What We Value at Work?


People have always questioned whether money can buy happiness. But does the rise or fall of your paycheck change the workplace factors that are most important to you?

From past research, we know that money and happiness are linked. A famous study from Princeton University researchers showed higher income increases happiness, but only up to about $75,000 per year. Beyond that, higher pay doesn’t change happiness much… More at Glassdoor.

What would you change? For me it would be the politics and, well, I probably should stop there.

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  1. Through the last three quarters of my working life (it took the first quarter to realize this), I always felt as if the work itself was a third, the environment including co-workers was a third, and the salary and benefits was a third. So even when I had problems with the job, the environment and salary were both excellent. Maybe that’s why I stayed at the same place for almost 35 years.

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