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Gone are the heady days when a new Palm device came out every three months. The evolution of tech is such that there doesn’t seem to be major leaps and bounds every year – no revolutions, just evolution. Eventually the pursuit loses momentum, especially if you strike a balance with the functionality in your possession. Why change what ain’t broken.


1) an iPhone 6plus which does my communication, GPS, browsing, games, music and organization needs, The camera will do, especially when I am too lazy to dig out my DSLR (actually it’s a 4/3rd’s). Rarely use a desktop/laptop outside of the office, except to load up my tunes.

2) an iPad mini 2 when the games or browsing needs a bigger screen. Videos to watch while spinning.

3) Fitbit Charge 2 to monitor my physical activity. Connected to the iPhone for the dopamine rush of meeting my daily goals.

4) Heck, we still use CRT TV’s, because we’re too cheap to buy flat screens. Arnold

There are some of us who look at new devices or technology and ask how it might improve our lives. By making things easier or allowing us to do something we might not otherwise be able to do. And, oh yes, we might like our toys as well. Once on that path, we might decide that we didn’t really want to do whatever it was that became enabled, so we abandon that particular tech. Or we might decide that it really is a better way and maybe it can be even better.

I evaluate lots of things that I see in case they can help improve my life. Most can be evaluated very quickly because it’s obvious. And it’s often a case of cost versus improvement. For me this is more common with apps than hardware. It’s easier to try something and abandon it if switching doesn’t make sense.

As for my devices, I have a late-2014 27″ Retina iMac that should last me a good few years. I run Bootcamp for Windows gaming, so I’ve got both ends covered. I also have a 13″ MacBook Pro bought in 2009 which is fine for when I need a mobile Mac.

I’ve been upgrading my iPhone every 2-3 years and now have a 6S. I was not tempted in the least by the 7 and the 7S or 8 would have to add considerable value for me to change. Although I do wonder whether new versions of iOS slow down older machines that aren’t tuned for the new features.

I have an iPad Mini 2 that I use for reading, puzzle games, watching movies on trips, and so on. I see no need to get a newer model although I do notice the launch lag for apps versus the iPhone. The iPad is a perfect example of what Shaun was saying. I bought the first iPad, an iPad 2, the iPad 3rd generation, and then an iPad Mini 2. And stopped.

I have an Apple Watch Series 1. It was a gift and I like it. My previous watch was a basic Casio, so I’m not into watches like Shaun is. I don’t know that I would have bought it on my own, but I do find it adding convenience to some things. For example, I can keep a shopping list on it and don’t have to dig into my pocket for a paper list or my iPhone. Bob

Tempted by the new Macbook even though this 13″Air is more functional, just because it’s that much smaller (and sometimes I’m carrying around my 15″Pro for work at the same time.) But hard to justify.

Go back and forth between upgrading to a better Kindle (one with a backlight) vs keeping with the iPad Mini, which allows multicolor highlights and can also play “Draw Something”. (If they’d just release one that size with Pencil support it would be a no brainer.) Kirk

I have a Huawei GX8 as my central hub. It has 32GB internal memory plus a 32GB memory card.

I add a Microsoft Wedge bluetooth keyboard and a Tecknet bluetooth mouse (I started getting sore muscles in my hand straining it to touch tiny things on the screen.)

I have a small Lenco bluetooth speaker which has aux in so I can plug and control my big speakers via it.

I have some Denon AH-W150 bluetooth earphones a and recently some Sony BT650XB bluetooth headphones.

Our main TVs we have Chromecast to watch Netflix and what not and to give me a big screen experience.

Then I have a Ravpower Filehub, WiFi bridge, SD card USB reader, 3000mAh external battery which has a 32GB card in it and connects my phone to various types of hard drives and what not when an OTG cable doesn’t suffice.

Plus I have a nice stand for my phone – lol!

(I have a shitty work laptop that’s supposed to keep me tied over until eventually, if ever I get a new one!)

I think that’s me more or less. I’ve kinda tried to get my Psion back methinks!! vboelema

Love it when you guys write the content for me;)

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