Apple grabs 41% of the wireless headphone market, but…


Between Apple’s AirPods wireless headphones, and its subsidiary Beats Audio, the company has accumulated 41% of the wireless-headphones market, based on revenue, according to a report released today by market analysis firm Slice Intelligence… More at Quartz.

The numbers above represent a huge shift in what is very much a baby industry, but I am not convinced such measurements are even possible at this time. The way the data has been sourced is fairly thorough, but as you can see below it isn’t actually counting units.

Slice’s data come from the digital receipts of a panel of 4.4 million US online shoppers, which it analyzes anonymously to look for representative trends in US purchases. So the market share it mentions is derived from the amount of money consumers are spending on a company’s products, rather than the number of products sold. As its data are not based on raw unit shipments, Apple could theoretically reveal completely different numbers, if it reveals any numbers at all, during its earnings call later this month.

Also, no share at all for Motorola or Monster?

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