Living In The Beautiful Bubble Of The Not-Quite Internet


There was a guy who occupied most of my thoughts through the first semester of college. He lived upstairs, in the only single in the entire dorm. He had chestnut hair and the muscled arms of a rock climber. He was the first person I saw, really saw and locked eyes with, when I arrived on campus. He was helping someone hang a tapestry on their wall. Of course: This was 1999.

He had a long wall of CDs in his dorm room, and he introduced me to the soundtrack from The Piano, which I downloaded from the shared Ethernet that connected every music library in the 200-person dorm. He never answered his dorm phone. His AOL Instant Messenger username was his initials (ATM) plus his birth year (80). He never chatted but was always online, his yellow dot teasing me with inactivity… More at BuzzFeed.

Just read it please. Thanks to Kirk.

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