The end of the App Store?


WeChat has evolved from China’s answer to WhatsApp into a smartphone Swiss army knife. Originally a chat app, it’s become far more than a social networking platform for its more than 800 million active monthly users. Owned by internet giant Tencent, it also lets users order food, book hotels, and shop online through its Wallet feature, which links to the web apps of third-party providers.

But Tencent isn’t satisfied. With the latest feature, officially released on Jan. 9, the company wants WeChat to eventually become the one and only app users need on their home screen. Called Mini Program (link in Chinese), the feature essentially offers miniature, low-memory “apps” within the WeChat app itself. The idea is to keep users within WeChat as much as possible… More at Quartz.

Now that is interesting if we can see a time where you can use apps without doing anything at all such as installing them. Interesting and possibly dangerous?

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