Smart Phones Are Driving Everyone Insane


The researchers conducted a nationwide survey of 554 full-time working professionals earning above $30K and working in companies with at least 50 employees. They asked a variety of questions about smartphone use during meetings and found:

– 86% think it’s inappropriate to answer phone calls during meetings

– 84% think it’s inappropriate to write texts or emails during meetings
– 66% think it’s inappropriate to write texts or emails even during lunches offsite
– The more money people make the less they approve of smartphone use.

The study also found that millennials are three times more likely than those over 40 to think that smartphone use during meetings is okay, which is ironic considering Millennials are highly dependent upon the opinions of their older colleagues for career advancement… More at The Huffington Post.

Not sure there is much here that will surprise you, but it’s always good to read about how people use their phones and what impact they believe they have on others.

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  1. Generally I agree with the article, and it depends on the kind of meeting. I use my phone as a very portable laptop and it’s my agenda. So when dates are being announced and agendas come out, my phone comes out. I have it set up with a keyboard, and at my school people know how I use my phone. The keyboard makes text entree quick and I’m not focusing on writing as much as to what’s going on, which with the on board keyboard is difficult to do.
    Though I do ask whether various bits of info are going to be passed on via email or what not so I don’t have to take notes.
    In childrens’ evaluation meetings, all the info is on my phone. So while others have laptops, tablets or paper, I have my phone.
    But I think it’s obvious when people are messaging or otherwise off task. And phones should definitely be on silent.

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