Is playing a record like foreplay?


Could it have something to do with the whole process around it all. Like a Chinese tea ceremony, it’s not just about the tea.

I used to do a lot of black and white photodgraphy, but half the fun was going back to the darkroom and developing the photos.

Maybe with vinyl it’s carefully choosing the album, the cover, the process you have to go through to take out the record, clean it and gently placing it on the turn table before applying the needle.

It’s not always the speed with which you get your end result, but the way you get there that sometimes matters… Ask any woman about foreplay and I’m almost certain they’ll agree!!

Great comment from vboelema who has likely hit on the truth here. There is no doubt that the joy of playing a vinyl record is in carefully removing the record from the sleeve, dropping the stylus perfectly so that you get the satisfying ‘dumph’ sound and then enjoying the richness of the audio quality.

The sound is different to digital, not better, but it does evoke a feeling you don’t get otherwise. Then again, if you did not go through the ritual with the record sleeve etc, it just wouldn’t be the same. By the way, what’s foreplay?

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  1. There is something to said about the mechanics of things. Case in point: Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. As you get to the end of side one of the vinyl album you are treated to Clare Torry’s non-lexical vocables on “The Great Gig in the Sky”. Then there is a significant pause as one flips the record over before hearing the change dropping in the till for “Money”. Having “Money” immediately follow “TGGitS” with no pause seems to missing a poignant space in the music.

  2. Yeah, on Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti, In My Time of Dying it’s something similar. At the end of the song you hear a cough, which is what I loved on the vinyl version. Later I bought it on cd, to be portable and they just cut it off! It was like, what have you done to the song, and why?

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