The Dell Canvas


The Canvas sits right below your standard monitor, and it can either be laid flat or angled up like an easel. It’s basically an articulating quad-HD (2,560 by 1,440 pixels) second screen for artists. It supports up to 20 points of touch, 100 percent of Adobe’s RGB color gamut and naturally there’s stylus support. (It can even work with Wacom’s pens.)

Dell is also packing in an accessory called a “Totem” — a circular off-hand device that resembles the Surface Dial. In fact, it’s tapping into the same APIs Microsoft created for the Studio, and you’ll be able to use the Surface Dial on the Canvas if you’ve got one. The Canvas is also running an exclusive version of Stardock’s Fences software, which lets you easily organize your desktop and workspace… More at engadget.

That looks lovely. Never thought I would be impressed by a Dell product:) Thanks to Bob.

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  1. Microsoft is really pushing hard at the “creatives”. That Surface Dial/Totem feels tons fresher than the MacBook Pro touch bar.

    But as Daring Fireball recently put it: “The truth is, for most of us, there is no good alternative to MacOS. Nothing. And it took so long — not years but decades — for MacOS to get to where it is that I don’t think any other OS could ever catch up.” This is certainly true for me as a geek who digs jumping to Terminal all the time. I’m not sure if it’s as true for other folk tho.

    (Also it’s weird, as much as I’m frustrated that Apple just won’t make a really cheap Mac, the silver lining is, I don’t have an option to be a cheapskate. I don’t know what percentage of my disdain for Windows is because I tend to experience it on $300 hardware.)

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